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SakiDeal, the only app for a connected Island. You want to innovate, develop your smart communication channel and attract customers? SakiDeal is the first contextual proximity marketing tool in Mauritius that connect people to real world object and places.

1) Connect your place to build your store of tomorrow

2) Attract your audience by sending them push notification when they are near your store

3) Built your brand loyalty; engage customers by rewarding their visits/purchase, offering treasure hunt challenges rewards and exclusive deals


Send push notifications to people passing nearby your location/shop. Commercial offer, Flash sales loyalty coupons, advertising videos, soundtracks, event details, simple information… you chose, Sakideal push it!

Broadcast your campaigns in real time, at specific chosen dates & time, to specific target audiences based on demographic data

Use our unique tool and technology to reward visits in your shops and built customer loyalty.

Measure the efficiency of your campaigns, analyze the movement of users near your venue and get to know your customers with our rich analytics tool.


  • From the online manager, admin users create the content
  • The nearby user receives the notification
  • The associated content appears in the app

Using push notifications is a great way to stay in touch with your customers even if they are not in the range of your proximity campaigns. Send Push Notifications to notify your customers about a new promotion or event even when they are not actively using the application. Notifications can be broadcast to all customers or sent to just a subset of users, to give personalized information.


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